This is a blog for Emma Wilcox. Here we want to share, embrace, enjoy, and support.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Grandmother Wanda

    This photo of Emmalee was taken at the wedding of her Mother and Stepdad Mark Grimes. The pensive pose is particularly attractive.

  2. Jerry

    This top pic was taken at Providence canyon in Ga. She had painted herself up with the different color clays in the canyon. By the end of the day day she looked like an indian ready to hit the warpath! Last weekend, she won a set of tickets to the Memphis Grizleys game on saturday night. The bonus was that they were playing the Lakers! We spent the evening chiding and talking trash to eachother. She was cheering the Grizleys and I (of course) rooted for the Lakers. The Lakers won but we both had a good time!

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