Treatment update

Emma had a PET scan and a spinal tap yesterday. The PET scan looks for spread of the cancer. The spinal tap looks for malignant cells in the spinal fluid. They put her to sleep for the spinal tap. So far they have heard that the spinal fluid was free of cancer cells. Praise the Lord. I think she will be fitted for her “Mask” tomorrow. It holds her head IMMOBILE while she gets her radiation treatments. ❤ Grandpa David


One thought on “Treatment update

  1. Ronda Schoonover

    Hi Catherine and Emma,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful card and key chain. I love them very much. I am so glad you liked the puzzles. I was hoping you woulld. I am so glad to hear that the cancer has not spread! Praise the Lord! I keep you in my prayers daily. I am so glad you are half way through your treatment, that is wonderful. I saw you grandma the other day. She is very busy packing, and also sad to be moving, but she is also so very excited to come visit you soon. I know the both of you will be happy too. It is very nice to be able to keep updated on Emma’s treatment on this website, thank you Catherine for doing this. Take care, I love and pray for you both.

    Love in Christ,


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