Yesterday was a busy and fun day for Emma. She had her “mask” made and said it was kinda cool. It is for the alignment of the radiation tools. Im not at all very versed in the technique or its specific function, but she said it was definitely a first for her. They plotted the geography of her head with a combination of lasers and what she called the “hamburger bun” MRI. Unlike the round MRIs, this one had two flat pieces, one above and one below her and that she was the meat! It was good for a laugh. She is in good spirits and spent nearly an hour on the phone laughing with her sister Claressa last night. Part of her good mood might be attributed to her cleaning up at bingo yesterday afternoon. She hit “bingo” often enough to take home a Hello Kitty back-pack, a CD player, and a bunch of toys for her little brother David! Thank you again for your prayers and support. “dad” Jerry


One thought on “MASK AND BINGO

  1. Laurie Smith

    thank you so much for posting information about Emma. Although I’ve never met her, I think she’s mine too.
    The hospital sounds wonderful!! I’ve heard about this hospital all my adult life and contributed to them, but I never imagined they would be FUN at times for children.
    Please know you and your family are in my prayers daily.
    Love, Laurie Smith (Melody Grimes Mom)

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