Just not brave enough for Karaoke

We had a nice weekend visit to Mississippi to visit Emma’s great-grandpa Whitaker. They live two hours south east of Memphis so it wasn’t too far to go. We got to see lots of cousins and ate some really good home cooked food!
David did really well in the car riding and that was a good thing.
We will be going home for Valentines weekend! It will be so great to sleep in our own beds!!
On Monday the 16th, we have x-rays and then start radiation on Tuesday the 17th. She will start taking an anti nausea medication monday night so it will be in here system tuesday when she starts.
Tonight we attended a Valentines party put on by Target. There were about 20 Target General Managers from all over the country. The Target House II dining-room was decorated beautifully with edible center pieces, balloons, and table clothes. There were two tables set up with crafts, and there was a full chick-fil-a supper menu. A DJ was playing fun hip music and the kids and parents had lots of fun singing karaoke. Our friend Devree was brave enough to get up and sing twice but Emma just couldn’t do it. Many thanks to Target for their generosity! We’ve had lots of mail from Emma is decorating her plain white walls in her room with all the beautiful cards and drawings.


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