Playing Catch-up

We had an easy week last week and even enjoyed a morning trip to the Memphis Zoo, on Emma! (St. Jude patients can bring 3 people in with them free) Then on friday we had school, visit with the doctor and the consent for radiation treatment. And we left to make a dash home for the Valentines weekend. It was a long and rather torturous ride with Emma having the majority of the care of David on her hands. He even had her in tears once and one day he will be required to apologize! hehe. We had a very nice visit home that was short and bittersweet since we had to dash back to Memphis sunday afternoon. It is a very long 7 hour drive. Emma got to see her good friend Katie and go to see Coraline with her big sister Claressa, little brother Nick, Katie & Dad. The movie got a double thumbs up! She had read the book before seeing the movie and wasn’t disappointed.
Today – Monday we had some last minute CT scans done for the cone beam that will administer the radiation and a super fun child life session of painting with another St. Jude patient and new friend Pilar Sanchez. Then we went and checked our mail (we love to get mail!!!) And returned to our rooms for a rest and nap to recover from our long trip.
At 5pm cst We went to watch some students from one of the local colleges (Rhodes College) do fun science experiments. We had homemade nachos for supper and Emma played some pool in the front room of the Target house with Pilar.
David had a bath and was so sleepy. Now we’re all off to bed and thinking of all our family scattered about, our dear old friends and our precious new friends. You are constantly on our minds and we miss you very much. We send our love and hugs to you all!
Tomorrow Emma starts her “radiation vacation” as they call it here and the chemo-theropy Tarceva. Pray that they won’t make her sick or loose her hair. And that if they do we’ll be able to get her back on track quickly.

– Momma Catherine


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