Start Your Engines……

And away we go. Emma started the Tarceva and Radiation today. She had school this morning then went to her first radiation treatment. She had a little bit of “waffle face” from the mask that helps to keep her head from moving while receiving radiation. Then we had a visit with the Neuro-Oncology Nurse about keeping a log of her chemo-therapy. After checking our mail we went to get chinese food. Emma’s choice and treat, she paid for lunch with her birthday money from Great Grandma Landon. Thanks, I think. Chinese never sits too well with me. Ugh.
Then it was back to let David and momma get a nap while Emma played computer games. We had homemade chicken and potato/veggie soup. Then Emma went down to the craft room to meet her friends Devree and Pilar for some fun and crafts.
Thank you all for your prayers and support! We’re taking this journey one day at a time! The only way to go!

Momma Catherine

Note: (David has a girlfriend! She is nine, she loves him dearly and he adores her! Caroline Turns you ROCK girl!)

Sweetness is catching!
Sweetness is catching!


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