Day Two and Counting

Today was day two of the chemotherapy and radiation. Emma seems to have some slight nausea from the chemotherapy but the anti-nausea meds do seem to help. And the radiation is going well.
Today was beautiful in Memphis! Sunshine and warm temps and it felt like spring! We know it will get cold again but the warmth was so nice. We went to Target and this evening Emma went to church with her friend Devree. I know she enjoys the break from baby brother and mom!
Tomorrow is a bigger day with a fuller schedule. So off to bed we go. Goodnight ya’ll we’ve been thinking of you too!
Momma Catherine
Emma having a laughing fit on the floor. Silly girl!


2 thoughts on “Day Two and Counting

  1. DeeDee Childs

    Keep up the great work and attitude you look great !!! Good luck,We love and miss ya’ll and have you in our prayers.
    Love ya’ll,
    DeeDee, Shane, Hayley,Tyler,Shandee and Caleb Childs

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