Things Unexpected.

Claressa & Emma in the snow.
Claressa & Emma in the snow.
Our week was rather uneventful but Emma was really looking forward to seeing her family this weekend. Her daddy’s birthday was saturday and she was so excited to share it with him. She made lots of special birthday preparations like a birthday banner, card and gift. What she didn’t plan on was snow! What a double fun surprise Emma had this weekend. While we were at the Pink Palace Museum saturday it started to snow! What wonderful fun! Dad (southern Cali boy) got snow on his birthday and all the kids got to play together in the snow! It’s particularly hard for Emma to be away from her sister and brother. They are very close and enjoy each other very much! The visit was over much too soon but we only have about 5 weeks to go so we’re at our half way point for time spent here in Memphis. We haven’t quite made our half way point for treatment, but it’s not far off!
Emma is more easily tired and has some stomach upset and digestive complaints. We did also discover this evening that she is starting to get some mouth sores. That’s not good and prevention and treatment are key. We’ll talk to her doctor tomorrow.
So it’s back to work for Emma after a much needed break! We hope you enjoy the fun photos and if you have any questions please feel free to email us or leave a comment!
We love you all and appreciate your continued love and support!