A recap and then some….

I failed to mention our friday evening supper with our new friends the Boyds. Andrew, Christina & Miss Ella (who just turned One) We had some yummy turkey enchiladas, green chili rice and salad. And our talented hostess made a marvelous lemon cake with strawberries that melted in our mouths. Thank you guys for making us feel so welcome and right at home. Small things, but they mean so much to us!

Monday night we were served supper by Western Michigan University students. They are on an “alternative spring break”. Instead of going to a beach somewhere and doing things they might otherwise regret they will be here at Target House II the whole week doing craft night (last night) game night tonight and bingo tomorrow night. It is so wonderful of them to come.

After the dinner Emma, Pilar & Devree got together and had a pictochat on their DS’s. Devree ate a donut and a glass of milk! Hurray I was able to temp her to eat something! The girls are like night a day different from each other but in this situation they are able to find friendship and support.

Tuesday night our new friends Miriam and Pilar had us over for supper. Miriam cooked us some delicious traditional Cuban food. Picadillo, black beans, rice, ground beef and fried plantanes. What a nice supper and visit! We have been so blessed to meet such wonderful friends and find love and support whereever we go. Praise the Lord for his watchcare over us!

Wednesday was an ordinary day, but for some reason I just wasn’t coping well. Just normal everyday things and even my darling little man and dealing with him made me feel like tearing my hair out and running off crying. Just melt down I guess. I did get a nap in the afternoon with David and that seemed to help me.

Emma got her hair cut wednesday after we got back to the Target House. She cut off about 3.5 inches and layered it. Her hair was starting to look stragily and since she has been loosing some this new cut looks much better.

Now Emma is in school and David is taking a nap so I can post this – finally! I’ve been trying to get it up for several days now. Sorry I’m so late.

Pilar, Emma & David
Pilar, Emma & David

Pilar, Emma & Devree
Pilar, Emma & Devree

Miss Emma showing off her haircut.
Miss Emma showing off her haircut.


2 thoughts on “A recap and then some….

  1. Melody

    LOVE the hair Emma! It makes you look “sophisticated” (we know that’s not true! You’re our silly girl!) Love you LOTS!!

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