Marvelous Mondays

You might not think of mondays as marvelous but to those of us counting down the days a monday means the start of another week and a friday means an end. So here we are in Memphis warm sunny spring weather and starting our 5 day radiation count down. We think of you all and hope where ever you are and what ever you are doing that you find some small wonder in your day. Hugs, Catherine, Emma & baby David


So she brought the Umbrellas…

Today was dark and cloudy, windy and the weather forecast called for rain. Emma slept in late and after we had some lunch we decided to go to the Children’s Museum of Memphis. It was so much fun! We were told when we came to the ticket counter to follow the map around and be sure to TOUCH EVERYTHING! HURRAY! The perfect place for kids and kids at heart. So we played with and touched as many fun and amazing things as we could. The front of a real airplane, a scale portion of the Mississippi river with flowing water to play in, art area with stage, drawing area and computer art games. Dentist office, chinese home, kid sized grocery store, baby play area, home inside and out. Mirrored dance room with disco ball the lights (David loved this room) and so many more wonderful things. I apologize for the poor quality pictures but I forgot the camera and took these photos with my phone. Better than nothing I guess.
We had breakfast for supper and then baths. Emma talked to her dad, sister and grandma Wanda and that made her feel good. What a nice close to a fun and relaxing day!
We are going to be positive and pray for a better week than last week!
Our title refers to Emma bringing our umbrellas with us to the museum, which held off the rain. If we hadn’t brought them it probably would have rained!

Emma hailing the sun outside the Childrens Museum of Memphis
Emma hailing the sun outside the Childrens Museum of Memphis