New Celebrity

Today I got to be a model for the Child Life Manual that show kids how different proceeders work, what goes on, and who usually does them. A professional photographer photographer came and he took so long getting one shot, Heather and I started making fun of him. On every shot he did about three different lightings and if he didn’t like the way someone’s hand was siting would reposition and howl new set of pictures. He was annoying and it took a long time but i got to hang out with Heather and I shore the pictures will turn out nice. This is Emma, over and out!


3 thoughts on “New Celebrity

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    Photographers are very particular about the lighting in pictures, especially if they are going into a book that many people will see. It would give the photographer a bad reputation to have a photo published that looks amateurish. Just ask your Pappa. But I am sure you were pleasant to him, how nice to be a celebrity. Love you.

  2. Grandpa David

    Wow! Can I get an autographed picture of Miss Emma the model? You will be so famous! I hope all is well with you. I love you. Grandpa David

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