Half way through……Hurray!!!!

We made our half way mark for radiation and it feels good…. sort of. Emma is really starting to drag around. Although Dr. Pi tells us that after radiation is over she should perk back up again!

So today was a big day! We had six appointments on our schedule and only had to reschedule one so that’s doing really well!

Radiation was first.

Emma & Chance her radiation tech.
Emma & Chance her radiation tech.

Then Emma got to see Dr. Pi (the radiologist who over-see’s her therapy) we really like him and think he looks like a undergrad instead of the experienced physician that he is.

Dr. Pi and Emma
Dr. Pi and Emma

Next Emma had her weekly blood draw = “labs”. Where there are always really great nurses who make the weekly stick bearable!

Here she gets her weekly blood draw. Gentle hands help!
Here she gets her weekly blood draw. Gentle hands help!

We had some time to kill so we went upstairs to the second floor (where all the inpatient kids are) and waited in the waiting room up there since it’s usually quieter and we can listen to the juke box and get on the computer to check email and blog.

Emma girl waiting on the second floor.
Emma girl waiting on the second floor.

Then we saw her primary care intern Dr. Chuuk, a nice young chinese physician. (I forgot to get a photo I think David was giving me trouble)
And lastly there was a visit with her Child Life Counselor Kristiana ( who is really great and I also forgot to get a picture)

We came home and had a late lunch and relaxed a bit. Emma went and played games with the University of Boston kids and David and I got a nap. Our family comes tomorrow to bring big sister Claressa so she can spend next week with us for her spring break. Boy am I glad to have her! I’ve missed her and all her help! Boy do I miss Claressa and Nick both! But we’ll be home before too long!

Davey boy is feeling better and that is a relief to me. So it’s off to bed. Hugs to you all! – Catherine


4 thoughts on “Half way through……Hurray!!!!

  1. Charise

    Hi Emma!
    You look great! It’s really fun reading what you and your mom have been up to. So glad to see you looking so well. I think of you often. You’re the greatest!
    miss Charise

  2. Grandma Wanda Lou

    Thank you for the pictures that you put up and the information. It helps all of us be a part of Emmalee’s day and yours, Catherine. How tough it is to balance between David’s schedule and Emmalee’s appointments. My heart is with you. I pray continually that the radiation will only get the bad cells and spare the good ones, but I know there will be collateral damage. Somehow, God can place his hand over your good brain parts, Emmalee. Take care. My Love to you all.

  3. Grandpa David

    Dear Emma, I am in Paradise, helping Grandma pack. As I flew down yesterday I so wished you were with me and sitting at the window seat. We flew along the Cascade Range, a group of large volcanos. At one of them I counted thirty small cones around the main one. About 10-15 miles north of Mt. Shasta there is a volcano that blew out the side like Mt. St. Helens did. Several had old lava flows that were covered with snow and looked like glaciers. We love you.
    Grandpa David

  4. Aunt Gloria

    Hi Emma, we had a lovely Sabbath and heard an exciting lion story at lunch. A huge lion, as big as the french doors, walked along the deck of Liv’s home, peering in at her and roaring. His tail all atwitch and his mane bristling around his face, he made a beeline for the birdseed in the feeder. I guess he wasnt too hungry that day…. thank goodness !

    Enjoy your visit with your family !

    Love much.

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