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I have a lot of pictures to share with you but have had some complaints about the Gallery loading slowly. So I may have to take off some of the pictures to add new ones. Please check back in the next few days to see our weekend photos. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Any suggestions about which photos to delete and which ones you would like us to keep would be greatly appreciated. – Catherine


Monday monday

Emma’s first appointment this morning was at 7:30am. This may not seem very early to you, but to us with baby David and Miss Emma who is NOT a morning person this was very early. But with sister Claressa’s much appreciated help we were not late and were done with all of our appointments for the day by 10am. Claressa got to see the techs get Emma ready for radiation and then she came out into the waiting room with David and I and played baby. Then we went to see Emma’s primary care physician Dr. Brannon Morris who is a pediatric nuero-oncologist. He said that the computer had the last radiation treatment scheduled for this friday. Our eyes got big but I knew that the Radiologist had told us that she had 33 scheduled treatments. So there must have been some miscommunication but our hearts jumped at the thought of being done this friday!

Claressa got a free haircut by one of the wonderful hairstylists from Goulds and then David and I got a nap while the girls got crafty in the craft room. After nap time we went to Kroger for our weekly shopping trip. Then stopped in to drool over the titles at Barnes and Noble. All of us girls love to read and would have purchased many titles if we could have. Emma did get a book, the next in the series that she is reading now.

We came home and put away groceries and David got a bath and went to bed. We watched a movie and had popcorn, a girls movie night!

Goodnight all, we love you and miss you!

Elvis, Beale, Sun studios and Gibson

We had a lovely weekend with Mark, Jerry, Nick, & Claressa. We went and toured Graceland, which wasn’t quite as fabulous as one might imagine but was cool to say we’d been there and done that. Mark is a huge Elvis fan and really enjoyed seeing everything. I don’t think I’d recommend a special trip to see Graceland but if you’re ever in Memphis for any reason you should go. We also walked down the three down town blocks of Beale. Again not a big deal but we can say we’ve done it. A short stop to see Sun studios was fun and we were surprised to read the list of musicians that have recorded there. Then we finished up our weekend with a tour of the Gibson factory. Mark being the musician in the bunch was very excited to go on the tour and also to brouse the Gibson Shop. He found a sweet Les Paul that was a steal at $4000. Unfortunately his pocket money was a little lacking so he only came away with some incredible memories.

Mark loves Elvis can you tell?
Mark loves Elvis can you tell?

The guys went home sunday afternoon and left Claressa with us as it is her spring break and we’re just tickled to have her!