Elvis, Beale, Sun studios and Gibson

We had a lovely weekend with Mark, Jerry, Nick, & Claressa. We went and toured Graceland, which wasn’t quite as fabulous as one might imagine but was cool to say we’d been there and done that. Mark is a huge Elvis fan and really enjoyed seeing everything. I don’t think I’d recommend a special trip to see Graceland but if you’re ever in Memphis for any reason you should go. We also walked down the three down town blocks of Beale. Again not a big deal but we can say we’ve done it. A short stop to see Sun studios was fun and we were surprised to read the list of musicians that have recorded there. Then we finished up our weekend with a tour of the Gibson factory. Mark being the musician in the bunch was very excited to go on the tour and also to brouse the Gibson Shop. He found a sweet Les Paul that was a steal at $4000. Unfortunately his pocket money was a little lacking so he only came away with some incredible memories.

Mark loves Elvis can you tell?
Mark loves Elvis can you tell?

The guys went home sunday afternoon and left Claressa with us as it is her spring break and we’re just tickled to have her!


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