Always Listen to your Mother

Per my mother’s advice I have deleted all photo’s not related to our St. Jude adventure and a few that were clutter. So I will be adding more pictures shortly to replace the ones we 86’d.

Emma with the Giant Rooster
Emma with the Giant Rooster

2 thoughts on “Always Listen to your Mother

  1. Grandpa David

    Wow! That’s one big drumstick, or should I say, two big drumsticks? Actually he looks like he needs a saddle! I suppose it would be like having a pet ostrich you could ride to market. It is definitely not “chicken little”. Emma, have you heard when you will be finished? Grandma and I are loading a moving van today. I hope it will be large enough for all our stuff! Oh! If you go to the beach, be sure you wear a repellant to keep fleas away. Just ask me, I’m a flea expert.
    I love you all.
    Grandpa David

  2. Hey Catherine, Emma and little sweet David,
    How are you guys? We are back at St. Jude’s and we started our first round of chemo. We are so jealous that Emma is done and only had to take chemo by mouth. I hope that you have good MRI reports and come visit us in Target House 2 when you come for a check up. Devree received really good news. Her MRI’s of the spine and brain showed no sign of any of the tumors. Her spinal fluid came back clean too. Too bad that doesn’t give you a clean bill of health and we have to do Chemo. We are inpatient and the first day was horrible, but the rest of the days have not been bad at all. HALLELUJAH! Hey I did check on the tax ramifications and IRS said itself that you don’t have to pay taxes on any donations. But if you put those donations to make money or interest in any way, you have to pay taxes on that. Give me a call or drop a line sometime. We would love to hear from you. I bet David is running around now!

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