A New Kind of Beautiful……

First I must give credit to our dear Mormon friends Shana and Devree Hamblin. Because it was from Devree’s door decor that we got our title. She had a page from one of the Mormon magazines on her door that had this quote. But as you see we are embracing a New Kind of Beautiful! There are so many things that bombard our young girls today regarding beauty and so many of them are so false. But fortunately some of our girls still stand strong! (Love you Devree, Caroline, Pilar and Nicky) We so profoundly find that true beauty is on the inside!
Emma has been loosing so much hair and been so unhappy with this fact. So she and her brother and sister and dad decided to do something about that tonight. Claressa was the photographer and Nick shaved his head in tribute! wow! What an awesome little brother!
Emma is also having alot of G.I troubles that we battle daily. This journey wouldn’t be nearly as bearable if it weren’t for all of your love and support! Thank you all for your prayers and love.


Just wanted to let you all know that I talked to the Physicians Assistant at St. Jude and she read Emma’s MRI results to me. Everything was normal with no sign of disease. So one more scan out of the way and we are so glad for it. Emma’s next MRI will be in July and her Daddy will be taking her for that one so he can see how its all done!
Thank you all for your prayers! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Take a Look

Just wanted to let you know that I will be “cleaning out” our gallery again in the next few days. Deleting older photos and adding new ones. So check it out before and after. Thanks! Got a favorite that you want me to leave on? Let me know.

And we arrive……..

So now we are in Memphis again. It actually felt like going to see an old friend when we checked into the Grizzlies House this evening. We had taken Grandma Wanda to the airport in Atlanta and then gone to visit cousin Missy in Villa Rica while we waited for our 5pm flight out of Atlanta to Memphis.
David did fairly well considering it was his first flight and at 10 months all he wants to do is crawl around. The one hour flight was spent wrestling a writhing little boy. Although our travel companions did say he traveled very well considering.
For supper we ordered pizza and then watched the new Madagascar movie. Now David and Emma are asleep and tomorrow is just a wink away.
There was a beautiful rainbow hued cloud over the top of the Pyramid that we can see out our window and it reminded me that a rainbow is a promise. I hope it is a portent of good things for Emma tomorrow. The biggest concern is the result of her scheduled MRI. Please keep her in your prayers. We will keep you posted!
Goodnight all,

Going Back to Memphis

So we’re packing to go to Memphis for Emma’s 8 week MRI. We will fly out of Atlanta wednesday evening and have appointments all day thursday then fly back home friday morning. Baby David will go with us of course since he’s rather stuck to mommy. Grandma also leaves for Washington on wednesday and we’ll be so sad to see her go. We’ve had such a nice visit and appreciated her help so very much! Grandparents are so great!
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and spring break. Lots of love, Catherine

Not just yet……

We took Ms. Emma back to school yesterday morning but this week is testing so the Vice Principle advised us to wait until next monday so she doesn’t have to take the tests. Although she may go attend the end of testing party on thursday afternoon.
She is feeling more tired and frustrated not to jump right back into school like she thought she would be able to but all in all she’s doing pretty well.
We have our travel arrangements finalized for her eight-week MRI on April 16th. We are eager to see the results. Keep her in your prayers please, as we will find out if there has been any re-growth of the tumor.
Being home is good but we’re re-adjusting to this like we did when we went away. Good thing we’re adaptable creatures!

Back Home

Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Emmalee and Catherine with Davey are back in Phenix City now. They had a long 10 hour trip on Friday, April 3, and pulled a small U-haul trailer. The family made a large Welcome Home sign and a delicious chocolate layered cake.

Emmalee is stable and following the chemo regimen that her doctors at St. Jude have outlined. Her hair has really started to fall out in patches. She is tired sometimes and has some stomach upset. She is happy and motivated.

We continue to entreat your prayers on her behalf. Would that God please heal her of any lingering cancer cells, and that she be protected from the chemotherapy. We plan to post the last St. Jude photos tomorrow, so don’t give up. Grandmother Wanda Lou