Not just yet……

We took Ms. Emma back to school yesterday morning but this week is testing so the Vice Principle advised us to wait until next monday so she doesn’t have to take the tests. Although she may go attend the end of testing party on thursday afternoon.
She is feeling more tired and frustrated not to jump right back into school like she thought she would be able to but all in all she’s doing pretty well.
We have our travel arrangements finalized for her eight-week MRI on April 16th. We are eager to see the results. Keep her in your prayers please, as we will find out if there has been any re-growth of the tumor.
Being home is good but we’re re-adjusting to this like we did when we went away. Good thing we’re adaptable creatures!


One thought on “Not just yet……

  1. I’m so glad to read that you guys got home safely. Things have been crazy here, so I haven’t had a chance to respond to your phone message of Friday… we DEFINITELY want to get together when you come for the MRI!! As of right now we are free and clear the whole day. Good luck to Emma with school…and our prayers are with you all daily!

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