And we arrive……..

So now we are in Memphis again. It actually felt like going to see an old friend when we checked into the Grizzlies House this evening. We had taken Grandma Wanda to the airport in Atlanta and then gone to visit cousin Missy in Villa Rica while we waited for our 5pm flight out of Atlanta to Memphis.
David did fairly well considering it was his first flight and at 10 months all he wants to do is crawl around. The one hour flight was spent wrestling a writhing little boy. Although our travel companions did say he traveled very well considering.
For supper we ordered pizza and then watched the new Madagascar movie. Now David and Emma are asleep and tomorrow is just a wink away.
There was a beautiful rainbow hued cloud over the top of the Pyramid that we can see out our window and it reminded me that a rainbow is a promise. I hope it is a portent of good things for Emma tomorrow. The biggest concern is the result of her scheduled MRI. Please keep her in your prayers. We will keep you posted!
Goodnight all,


3 thoughts on “And we arrive……..

  1. Aunt Gloria

    Yes, we continue to pray for Emma and extra ones for tomorrow’s tests.
    I liked the pictures of David in his new Gottschalks clothes ! He is such a cutie. Love you Catherine!

  2. Grandma Wanda Lou

    I know what a difficult trip it must have been for you. Please update us when you know the results of Emmalee’s MRI. Keeping you close in prayer.

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