A New Kind of Beautiful……

First I must give credit to our dear Mormon friends Shana and Devree Hamblin. Because it was from Devree’s door decor that we got our title. She had a page from one of the Mormon magazines on her door that had this quote. But as you see we are embracing a New Kind of Beautiful! There are so many things that bombard our young girls today regarding beauty and so many of them are so false. But fortunately some of our girls still stand strong! (Love you Devree, Caroline, Pilar and Nicky) We so profoundly find that true beauty is on the inside!
Emma has been loosing so much hair and been so unhappy with this fact. So she and her brother and sister and dad decided to do something about that tonight. Claressa was the photographer and Nick shaved his head in tribute! wow! What an awesome little brother!
Emma is also having alot of G.I troubles that we battle daily. This journey wouldn’t be nearly as bearable if it weren’t for all of your love and support! Thank you all for your prayers and love.


4 thoughts on “A New Kind of Beautiful……

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    My tears are partly joy and partly sad. What lovely heads all of you have. May the Lord bless you and give you the victory over this cancer. May He place His hands over you and shield you from the poison you take everyday.

  2. Aunt Gloria

    Gives new meaning to the word “topless” too ! You’re still beautiful Emma. (You too, guys). We’re praying for you all, always. Love you – Gloria & Leo.

  3. Aunt Jenni

    Hey, no more spending hrs in front of a mirror wondering what to do with “my hair”! What a novel idea…love to you all and know that we are thinking and praying for you often!

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