Hit or Miss

Emma has been having a good time on the weekends since she’s been home but sometimes all the fun and excitement, late nights and lack of sleep get to her. So she stays home Monday. She’s been going to school an average of three days a week. I’ve been in touch with her teachers and they understand. On the days she stays home she usually sleeps til noon and with lots of water and sleep she’s usually ready to go again the next day.

On Wednesday the 13th she will see a Podiatrist for the ingrown toe nail that has been bothering her since just before we left Memphis. They will resect part of the toe nail and this shouldn’t happen again. This is one of the usual side effects of the chemotherapy she’s on and we weren’t surprised to have it happen. Poor thing!

Emma’s 6th grade graduation is May the 21st. (Also her brother Nick’s 10th birthday) She is very excited and now all we have to do is find a nice dress. Easier said than done since most dresses are either to “old” or to “young”. So now the daunting task of dress shopping. She is tall and willowy so I’m sure she’ll look nice in just about anything. She doesn’t want to wear a hat and wigs are totally out! She loves her bald head.

She is also planning on going to Cohutta Springs Youth Camp this June. And we are sure with some communication with the camp doctor things should be just fine. This year Nick also gets to go and they will be attending the same week in June.

Emma continues to have stomach problems from the chemotherapy but this was also expected so we just try to roll with it. Some days are better than others.

My van hasn’t been running since last spring so we’re home bound until we can get that fixed or find something else. We do however have some wonderful friends who help us get groceries and run errands. And Jerry helps out as well.

Emma is generally in good spirits, laughs with her sister and brothers and has an excellent since of humor like her daddy! It is such a blessing to have a positive attitude through this and she is doing that wonderfully!

One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. One breath after another. We live.


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