Toe Troubles

Jerry took Emma to see the podiatrist today. He checked her out of school and took her to chic-fil-a (her favorite) before they went.
When Jerry was talking to the nurse before they saw the doctor he told her that Emma was accustomed to the doctors at St. Jude being straight forward and explaining things to the kids. And that she would rather hear it straight than be placated. So when Dr. Espiritu came in he looked at her toe with the ingrown toenail and then told her exactly how they would remove that part of the toenail and kill the section in the nail bed. That she would feel the needle sticks when they numbed it but that would be all. He also described the tool they would use to remove part of the nail.
So she goes back on Friday morning to have the procedure done and hopefully there will be no more trouble.
She told me about it when they got back and said she didn’t want to eat because she was still full from chic-fil-a. But later she started feeling really bad and vomited. I’m not sure if it was the food or the chemotherapy giving her trouble but its no fun to toss your cookies! Her sixth grade graduation is next week and she’s really excited.
She’s frustrated about feeling so tired all the time but she doesn’t want to go to bed when the baby does at 8 because she doesn’t want to miss out on anything. But she’s usually in bed by 9pm.
The local Make-A-Wish rep’s are coming tomorrow evening so stay tuned to find out how that interview goes.
Love ya’ll – mean it!


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