Relay For Life

Hello again, family, friends, and those I may not have met, this is Claressa.
I haven’t left my mark here in many moons, but that does not mean that I haven’t been taking part in the above-mentioned activities. A couple weeks ago we (Daddy, Emma, Nick, and I) went to Relay For Life in Columbus. It took place on Shaw High School’s track/field. There were tents and booths and group “camps” set up all around the track, some selling food or T-shirts, some were for games or facepainting, some were just places for groups to hang out and talk or take a rest from walking. There were hundreds of people, lots wore team or Relay shirts, some were in costume (a clown, a gladiator, a bunch of girls in poodle skirts, and one big guy dressed as Marilyn Monroe), and there were a few in military uniforms. It was like a fair.
But even with all the fun and food, it was still a serious fund raiser. All around the track were paper bags with names on them (luminaria) and inside candles were lit in memory or honor of the people whose names were written on them. A little while after we got there the candles and torches were lit and the lights turned off. A couple people spoke over the loud speaker about Relay for life and Chris Carter walked around the track playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. While he played, the word HOPE written in lights on the bleachers was changed to CURE. There was a moment of silence and the lights came back on.
The luminaria were left burning and everyone started walking again as the highschool drum line played. It started to rain a little, but nobody seemed to care; they just pulled out umbrellas and kept walking or they went without umbrellas, letting their T-shirts get all speckly from the rain. For about an hour we walked around the track, talking, eating, taking pictures, listening to the music, and relighting the candles the rain put out. I wanted to stay longer but Nick and Emma were sick and tired (not of the Relay, they had a cold and were getting rained on and it was about 10:30 at night) and Melody (our team leader, Mark’s sister-in-law) was going home, so we did too.
I took lots of pictures and I’m making a video of the Relay which should be finished and up here to see soon.
I love you all. Thanks so much for your support.
Peace. Hope. Love. Faith.
Claressa out.


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