Emma’s Sixth Grade Graduation

Emma’s sixth grade graduation was May 20th. She was very excited. She had three of Smith Station’s best teachers this last year. Mr. Ivey, Mrs. Sasser-Zito, and Mrs. Long. They did so much to help Emma get back into school after we got home from Memphis.
Emma had gone shopping and had a pretty black dress and shoes for graduation. The morning of graduation her daddy brought her, her favorite breakfast. Chik-fil-A breakfast mini’s. He also brought her some beautiful orange and pink roses.
We got to the school and found that due to the size of the sixth grade class, graduation would be held on the high school football field. Jerry walked her into her classroom to walk out with her class and came to sit with Claressa, Nick, David and I in the bleachers.
We watched class after class come out onto the field and take their seats. Watching eagerly for Emma’s pretty bald head in the sea of children. After seeing her class come out with no Emma we were beginning to worry. Then the principle came to the mic and asked for Jerry to please come down to the field.
The rest of us sat waiting and wondering. My heart sank and I fought back tears as a few minutes later Jerry came onto the field pushing Emma in a wheel chair. Her teacher Mr. Ivey was also walking with them. The ceremonies commenced with the Principle speaking about the accomplishments of the class. Then she began awards and Emma was the first on the list. Usually they go by class. Emma received the principles award for outstanding achievement and honor roll. After she accepted her awards. Jerry wheeled her off the field and back to the school. We followed shortly after.
Evidentially Emma had gotten nauseated and been sick in the teachers trash can just before it was time to march out. She was dizzy and light headed and wasn’t feeling well. We’re not sure what it was, maybe the breakfast, maybe nerves. Maybe just the chemotherapy.
What an emotional day!
Congratulations Emma now it’s on to the 7th Grade!

Jerry and Emma waiting for awards.
Jerry and Emma waiting for awards.

Emma, Claressa, Jerry with David and Nick after graduation
Emma, Claressa, Jerry with David and Nick after graduation


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