One down, one to go……

I talked to Emma this evening and she sounded in good spirits. She said that the only thing that went wrong was that the first blood draw was botched and the young nurse tried to suction the blood out with the syringe but it was not coming and what she got was foamy. So that when Emma went to see her Doctor he said her labs showed up all whacky. No calcium and no potassium. They did a redraw and the labs should be ok. The MRI went well Emma said she watched part of a movie and slept. She and Jerry got free tickets to go see a baseball game this evening and she was so excited! So now she just has the PET scan and a dental cleaning tomorrow. Emma got to see her friend Devree Hamblin who turned 15 on July the 3rd. She is at St. Jude for chemotherapy treatment currently. You can see how Devree is doing by checking out her blog at:

claressa, jerry, emma, nicky
claressa, jerry, emma, nicky

Ready now, Claressa, Jerry, Emma & Nicky
Ready now, Claressa, Jerry, Emma & Nicky


2 thoughts on “One down, one to go……

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    Please know that we pray continually that God will place His hand over Emmalee and effect a healing from those voracious cancer cells. And that His will be done. Her danger increases our faith in the God of life.

  2. Aunt Gloria

    Thankyou for posting updates on Emma’s status and the family news. We always keep you in our daily prayers, for complete healing for Emma and courage and strength and wisdom for you and Jerry. Emma does look just beautiful bald. I’m so proud of her!

    Hugs and kisses to you all xoxoxoxoxo………

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