update from Emma

Hi everybody its me, Emma.Claressa just got back from camp, she did archery and model rocketry.Nick was wigging out the last couple of days and was anoying me and Daddy.When she gone we started on the therd anuale Tunnle of Terror.This time it’s in the back yard and even better, it’ll be open rooved unlike preveous years, it’ll be a lot bger and scarier, and darker because theres isn’t a street lamp ten feet away.We have a fort we made ore selves back there that is kind of castle shaped so we covered it in stone patterned plastic and now it really does.IT’S SO COOL!!but no one else is as exited as me.)=I’m curently making a paper-mashay dragon head that will go on the PVC pipe and shimery gold cloth, fire breathing, wing flaping DRAGON!!(I don’t exactly know how we’er going to pull that one off but it’ll be fun!) TOT, also including candy monsters, zombies, evil fortune tellers, wizerds, ghosts, and gargoules!!COMING SOON TO COLUMBUS ON OCT.31 LOOK FOR THE sceliton in the parashoot!!By the way Mr.BabyDavid can say seveal words now, can walk, sing, dance,and say “more” in sign language without being tought.My head is still shaved and will remane so untill it starts to get cool.I am 12 and going into the seventh grade and doing very well.Thank you for all the help and support when I was sick.
over and out,love,Emma


One thought on “update from Emma

  1. Aunt Gloria

    You are an excellent phonetic speller, Emma. And I would love to see your delicious “Tunnel of Terror”. Maybe you’ll post some pictures. Love you much.

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