Ugggh Bathing suits!

Claressa, Emma, David and I went bathing suit shopping for Emma today. It is nearly impossible to find a comfortable, decent and attractive bathing suit for a twelve year old who is as tall and thin as a super model! But we did finally find one at Kohl’s. It was by Nike and fits well. We also found a stunning dress for our Make-A-Wish trip this winter.
I talked to Emma’s case worker yesterday from our local Make-A-Wish chapter and they have received the ok from Emma’s doctors so plans are going forward for a Carnival cruise with a stop in Jamaica. Emma wanted to go somewhere tropical on a boat so this was the best suggestion. She is very excited to go. The two case workers, Terri and Hayley are both darling ladies! We spent a nice evening with them going over the particulars and discussing ideas and options. The trip will be in either November or December.
Emmalee said that December would be great because by then she will be ready to have some warm weather again!
She continues to shave her head even though her hair has completely re-grown from the radiation loss. This is probably just a form of control for her since it is the one thing about her body she has any say over. She is beautiful no matter what she decides to do with her hair!
Emma w david swing


One thought on “Ugggh Bathing suits!

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    We would love to see a photo of Emmalee in her swimsuit. I know she will be great. Where is the picture of the eyelash trimming?

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