Panama City Beach

Hi everybody, it’s Emma. Last weekend me,mama,daddy,Claressa,Nick,and David went to Panama City Beach.We left late Friday afternoon and got here about midnight or Saturday.As soon as we got here we stretched,unpacked,and since Mr.Baby-man was asleep we ,as quietly as possible when your extremely exited because its you first time in Florida, checked out the house. After fighting over rooms and snacking a bit we went to the beach which was only a short walk from our condo. It was kind of abandoned because it was so late be we walked by the pool and there it was. That was about the third time I’ve been to the beach be I can’t really remember those times ,I was really little. We got there and I kickeded off me flip-flops and ran to the ocean. I think was a little over exited because everyone else just walked. Everyone but mama and David ran right into the ocean in their clothes! David was tired and “When baby ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.” The next morning we hunted down a place called “Waffle Shop” kind of a rip-off of “Waffle House” and the food was ,as I expected, worse. It was really weird, there were all these neon colored, home made, Martha Stuart type crafts. After that we went to the beach store across the street, bought a boogy-board, and went to the beach. We stayed for about 2 or 3 hours, went to Publix then went home and started making tortillas. We made home made Quesadillas (Is that how you spell that because my spell check doesn’t know Spanish?) Then we went back to the beach. Sunday we went mini golfing at Pirates Island and daddy each gave us 2 dollars and who ever won the first half got one of every bodies dollars. That would be Claressa, who was suddenly 5 dollars richer. It was hotter than the face of the sun on that course and mama quite and took David to the shade half way through but we had fun anyway. Then we went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not, that looked like half of the Titanic crashed backward into a building. Inside there were so many cool and weird and kinda gross things I can’t really tell you them all, but there was a thing called the Great Laser Race where you have to go across a room criss-crossed with lasers without breaking any lasers and hitting both buttons. First nick went and broke 2 lasers then I went and got a better time but broke 3 lasers. It was really fun! And that was our trip to Panama City Beach.
Over and Out, Emma

Emma swimming in the ocean
Emma swimming in the ocean

Emma making homemade tortillas
Emma making homemade tortillas

Family shot in front of the Titanic shaped Ripley's building
Family shot in front of the Titanic shaped Ripley's building


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