Beach Trip Continued….

I just wanted to add a line or two about the beach trip. First a special thank you to one of Emma’s sixth grade teachers Ms. Sasser-Zito and her mother for the use of the condo. It was a very kind gift! We never would have been able to go otherwise.
We did leave rather late on friday evening and arrived late, but that didn’t dampen the children’s desire to see the ocean. Even in the dark! So they went swimming in the dark ocean and loved it!
As Emma mentioned we did eat breakfast saturday at a Waffle House wanna be that was rather aweful but filled the void non-the-less.
Saturday afternoon we went back to the beach and since everyone but David and I were in the surf and I was wrestling a little boy who didn’t at all like the sand or sea we didn’t get any photos. My apologies! I would have liked to get one of Emma building the sand castle. I did get a couple shots of David reluctantly in the sand on my phone but they’re not that good.
Saturday evening we went to Publix and got the makings for a big mexican dinner and proceeded to go back to the condo and make it! Complete with homemade tortillas. They were superb!
Emma filled you in on the other activities and all I will add was that the ride home sunday evening was quite tortuous since David was not at all interested in riding in his carseat! But that aside it was a super fun weekend and our thanks and hugs go to Ms. Sasser-Zito (sixth grade teacher at Smiths Station Intermediate School, Smiths Station, AL.)


One thought on “Beach Trip Continued….

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    I can just imagine being confined in a car with a monster son screaming at the top of his lungs. Poor everyone. Well, I suppose that is payback for the way you treated your parents Catherine.

    So glad you were able to go. I am sure the girls and Nick will always remember the good time they had.

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