Catching up and then some

We’re still here. Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long! We’ve been busy with school and homework and lots of kids!
Emma is doing well. She had her flu shot last month and labs at our local hospital and everything came back fine. She has been going to school and is trying to keep up with the rather large amount of homework that she has this year in the 7th grade. She is enjoying the science class and art/music club very much. Her writing class is giving her a challenge though.
Last monday we were in Memphis for our three month visit. We flew out of Atlanta sunday afternoon, Emma, Baby David and I in cool comfortable weather and arrived to a cool comfortable Memphis! We had labs done sunday evening in the Medicine Room since everyone else was off work. And then Emma had her MRI early monday morning at 6:45am. Everything went well with the scan and the rest of our day was spent going to an Occupational Therapy visit and seeing Emma’s primary physician Dr. Brannon Morris. He was happy to see how well she was doing and commented on her dramatic growth spurt in the last few months. She has grown about 2.5 inches since the first part of the year.
We flew back to Atlanta monday afternoon and had an overall good trip.
Dr. Morris called me on our way to the airport monday evening to give me the results of the scan. There was a very slight tissue change in the area of the resection that he consulted with the radiologist about and both felt was not a change to worry about. It was within the “normal change” range.
This last weekend we traveled to Mississippi to visit Emma’s great grandfather Whitaker and her grandparents David and Wanda Whitaker and uncle Jeremiah Whitaker. It was so nice to see everyone! Living so far away we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like.
So now we are home and getting ready for Halloween! We will post photo’s of Emma and her costume next week.
Thank you all for your continued love and prayers.


2 thoughts on “Catching up and then some

  1. Hey I found your blog again. Since I changed computers I was happy to find you again. Hey is there anyway you can have a check-up at St. Jude’s the same time as Devree? Her next check-up is the very end of February. We have them every 3 months. So let me know please. If you send me your address I will send you a Christmas card. Merry Christmas! Love, Shana Hamblin

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