Celebrating another year for Emma

Emma’s thirteenth birthday started off with a bang! A bang on the door that is, from the post lady bringing a birthday package from Grandma & Grandpa Whitaker. Then we had a big waffle birthday breakfast and laughed and talked and cut up the whole time. Grandma called in the middle of it all and Emma got to thank her for the wonderful gifts.

We cleaned up the feast and watched a movie. Then the kids played DS games and enjoyed other christmas gifts while I started cooking Emma’s big birthday dinner. Chicken, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies, yeast rolls and to top it off, pound cake with vanilla ice cream.

Everyone ate till they were stuffed then began a loud and rowdy game of Catch Phrase! So my clanking and clattering of the supper dishes was drowned out by the laughter and shouting of the happy Phrasers.

This may seem like a normal birthday celebration but if you’re reading this you know that just to be celebrating a birthday with Emma is a wonderful blessing for us! We are so very blessed to have the chance to do so.

On this day a year ago Emma lay wasting away with horrible migraine headaches as unknown to us the tumor in her head grew and grew. Our celebrating was overshadowed by worry and her pain.

Praise the Lord this years festivities were not at all like last years! Emma is feeling well and is happy and joyful.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.


One thought on “Celebrating another year for Emma

  1. Happy 13th Emma! We love you and miss you and we too are celebrating 1 year since we got our bad news. We are so glad that you are looking and feeling healthy and being a dancer. This next Friday is when Devree finally gets to be in her play because we had a big snow storm before Christmas.

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