Into the Holidays

We’ve had alot of things going on this fall, now into winter.

We went to St. Jude the 18th & 19th of October for Emma’s three month checkup. Her MRI came back with a little change that her Doctor Brannon Morris said fell into the “normal” range and he wasn’t worried about. It is easy to be worried about these things but we give our worries to the Lord and go on with our lives.

For Halloween Emma, her sister Claressa, brother Nick and dad Jerry did their annual Tunnel of Terror in Jerry’s yard. This year it was bigger and better than ever before. Even though it was rainy and chilly there was a very good turn out and they scared lots of people. Many screams of fear and excitement.

Thanksgiving holiday was a change for us. I didn’t cook a big dinner this year for the first time in many years. Jerry went to Palm Springs to see his family there. And we had dinner with friends and went to see a movie. Astro Boy was much better than we expected it to be.

We enjoyed a wonderfully done Make-A-Wish Christmas party early in December. Complete with Santa Claus and delicious food and gifts. We had alot of fun and laughs at Emma’s school Christmas Concert were she was a Snowflake dancer. She did very well and we were very impressed with the whole 7th grade for their hard work and effort put into the concert! Even the boys did well with their singing and dancing parts!
Christmas was our big production this year with a soup and chili supper Christmas eve
and opening gifts. We had a full house and everyone enjoyed them selves very much. Then a big Christmas morning brunch and stockings started our Christmas day. We went visiting and the kids even squeezed in a movie in the afternoon. A long and joyful Christmas day that only could have been made better by being able to share it with our West Coast Grandparents. But living so far away does present that problem.

Now we are only days away from the New Year and we all feel acutely the memory of last New Year. We are coming up on Emma’s one year anniversary of finding out about the tumor and then having her surgery. We are full of praise and thanks that the Lord has blessed us with this anniversary! At this time above all others we give thanks and pray for others who we came to love and have lost this last year.
Ours prayers go out specifically to the families of Caroline Turns and Colton Thurman. We knew and loved them very much. And are thankful for the time we had with them both while we were at St. Jude.

So in closing this blog today I hope you all take a moment to pray for those you have loved and lost this year. And hug those you have in your lives right now! Every moment we have with our dear family and friends is so precious! Praise God for giving us these wonderful people in our lives to make our journey brighter!

Until next year – Catherine
(there are so many new pictures I will try to add a few each day) check to see how I’m doing!


2 thoughts on “Into the Holidays

  1. Aunt Gloria

    Thank you for the posts. We’ve been wondering how Emma is doing and so many people ask about her. That is such fantastic news that her MRI and labs are clean. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and that it brings only good health and blessings to you and your family. Praise God from whom all blessings flow ! 🙂 Love you, Gloria & Leo

  2. Grandma Wanda Lou

    Catherine you are amazing to have accomplished so much cooking for Emmalee’s Birthday in addition to taking care of little Davey. Sorry you had to clean it all up alone, I would gladly have helped.

    Indeed we are grateful for another year to have our Emmalee with us and it behoves each of us to be grateful for any of us living another year. It is important to tell those we love that they are special and that we care so much for them.

    I know Jerry will be going in January with Emmalee. Perhaps, he could do the blog after their visit to St. Jude, he is a writer also. Thank you Catherine. We love you.

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