One year!

Hi everybody, this is dad. Sunday the 10th Em and I flew to Memphis for our latest 3 month checkup. It was a normaly scheduled checkup but was a one year landmark for us. Sunday night we pigged out on Domino’s pizza and watched football. This was afterall a dad-date! Monday started bright and early and cooooold! It was only 20 degrees out but looked so pretty from the lobby that we decided to walk the several hundred yards to the hospital. Halfway there we decided it might have been a good idea to ride the bus! They did all the regular poking, prodding, and measuring. Shes still growing so her weight is always playing catchup with her height. They always run us in thirty different dirrections with an equal amount of interviews and follow-up tests. We did find time to eat and get her teeth cleaned. Dr Morris had a thousand questions and addressed any concerns we had about H1N1 and other stuff. He at last stated that the MRI and blood work showed no difference since last time. Praise the Lord! Again, we thank you all for your prayers and support. Jerry


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