Hello Hello Hello

Emma is doing well. She is almost taller than Claressa. Getting good grades and just attended her rescheduled Valentines Dance. I made her a 1917 evening cape to wear with it. I think she liked the almost vampire appearance. She had a wonderful time and we enjoyed seeing her all dressed up! Since the weather is getting warmer there have been several trips to the park for Jerry and the kids. Zip lining, hiking, exploring trails and forging new ones. Early in the month Jerry, Claressa, Nick and Emma went to the High Museum in Atlanta to see the Leonardo da Vinci traveling exhibit. They were there several hours and when they left Claressa asked why they weren’t staying longer. Jerry told her how long they had been there and she said “oh I thought we were only in there for about 45 minutes” she must have really enjoyed it! That was Jerry’s birthday trip. He turned 42 on the 28th and we had a big birthday dinner complete with his favorite birthday “cake” – chocolate chip cookies!


2 thoughts on “Hello Hello Hello

  1. Grandma Wanda Lou

    I really have enjoyed reading this journal and looking at the photos. We seldom take time in life to give grateful acknowledgement to the Lord who in His Almighty wisdom sustains our lives. But I want to do that. It is He that has made us and not we ourselves, He knows our beginning and our end. So as faithful followers of the Lord Jesus, let us be grateful for the blessing of Emmalee’s life and mindful that He loves her and will sustain her. Thank you Catherine for sharing the trips and goings on. We rejoice with you that the family is happy and healthy.

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