New fuel

My hand typing "New Fuel"

I’m sorry to every one who has wanted me to write. I really didn’tlike writing but now I do some times i just go to Micrsoft Word and type what ever I ‘m thinking or just compleat nonsence. Now I’m going to try to write on my blog(this blog)every day till…whell I don’t know when.I’m also going to post a cool picture of my self,what every was memorable about that day,what ever was the main event of the day,or me doing what ever the thing I was doing(etc.,etc.).This is a chalenge for me,I think it builds responsibility.This is my “New Fuel” for writing and keeping up with everything.


2 thoughts on “New fuel

    1. Wanda Whitaker

      Hello Emmalee, we will be happy to read what is noteworthy of your days. Blogging is something that many people do, I think it is a lot like journaling or keeping a “diary”. Diaries are something of the past? Never was very faithful at doing that myself.

      Well, you are in our prayers and I would like to get an email from you. Did you like the pictures and the email I sent to you this weekend? Still raining here in Washington, but that is okay. It keeps us green and the flowers just love love love the gentle warm rain.

      Love you very much, hugs. Grandma Wanda Lou

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