Out and About

Emma didn’t have an appointment but her Pediatrician worked us in. He did all the usual tests like walking in a straight line, touch your finger to your nose and looked carefully into her ears and eyes. He was uncomfortable enough with the frequency of her headaches to order an MRI. So we grabbed some lunch and met Jerry at the Medical Center.
Around 5pm (after we were home) the nurse called to say that there was no mass but there were definite post operative changes. So possibly scar tissue is to blame? Of-course I don’t know. But the Dr. is sending up the findings and report to St. Jude and we will take a copy of the MRI up with us when we go on the 27th and 28th of this month.
I am praying that the headaches don’t persist! Emma is in 3 AP classes and that is so much more work and time she has to put into her schoolwork. Her teachers have been wonderful and are very understanding and have offered to help in anyway they can. They want her to stay in the AP classes but don’t want them to overwhelm her and cause her stress.
I also talked to our Make-A-Wish representative and she tells me there is good new about Emma’s wish coming by the end of the month. That’s exciting!
Your love and prayers have been felt and heard! Hope for another day!
Praise the Lord, from whom all Blessings flow!


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