End of summer blues

Hello family and friends. We have not kept you up to date very well have we?! We have had a VERY busy summer. Probably busier than most of the school year. We recently went to Memphis, Tn. St.Jude for Emma’s three month visit. She is as tall as I am, 5 ‘9 and doing excellently. The MRI was clean and for that we Praise the Lord, again! All blood work and other parts of our visit went well. We had the pleasure of staying with our dear friends the Boyds while in Memphis and enjoyed the Children’s Museum of Memphis, Amerigo’s (fabulous Italian food), yummy Mexi-Cali home cooked supper, and Gibson’s donuts. David had a ball playing with “Herself” Ms. Ella doing many fun things including playing trains!
Then we were on our way to Chattanooga and Collegedale to take Claressa to SmartStart. Jerry met us up there and we got her all moved in and we left her there Sunday evening July 24th. We are all missing her very much and hope that you will keep her in your prayers. This is a wonderful new adventure for her, a new phase of her life away from home, writing her own adult story!
So two weeks until school starts and we are in a mad rush to get ready. After Claressa left we swapped out rooms. Raven and Emma want to repaint and Nick does not. The fact that Nick does not is the funny part because he and David are now in Claressa and Emma’s old room. Very Purple room! He may change his mind however. David is sleeping in “Audie’s” old bed and is missing her very much!
I will be posting pictures of our summer fun so check back soon!
Happy end of summer to you all!
– Catherine


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