And So We Begin, Again At The End of Things….

Chapter 12 – Alice’s Evidence
These were the verses the White Rabbit read:–

`They told me you had been to her,
And mentioned me to him:
She gave me a good character,
But said I could not swim.
He sent them word I had not gone
(We know it to be true):
If she should push the matter on,
What would become of you?
I gave her one, they gave him two,
You gave us three or more;
They all returned from him to you,
Though they were mine before.
If I or she should chance to be
Involved in this affair,
He trusts to you to set them free,
Exactly as we were.
My notion was that you had been
(Before she had this fit)
An obstacle that came between
Him, and ourselves, and it.
Don’t let him know she liked them best,
For this must ever be
A secret, kept from all the rest,
Between yourself and me.’

~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,
Lewis Carroll

Many times through this process we have felt like we’re living in the wild & wacky Adventures of Alice In Wonderland!

We talked to the Radiologist & Emma’s primary Dr. (Oncologist) at St. Jude today.
The Radiologist who is also on the Radiology research team at St. Jude does not feel he can successfully radiate without a high risk of causing extreme irreparable damage due to repeat radiation. The projected damage would be almost definite blindness to Emma’s right eye.
So the Radiologist does not recommend a second round of radiation at this time and does not feel it would produce positive enough results to outweigh the negative effects.

Our primary doctor did not feel there was currently any successful chemotherapy available to satisfactorily address this type of tumor.

So we will not be in any kind of treatment at this time. Emma will go back to 3 month scheduled visits. And we will go back in November for MRI & bloodwork.

We will be looking into anti-cancer diet changes, other lifestyle changes, and research into current treatments currently being conducted for Emma’s diagnosis in the adult arena.

Emma’s Diagnosis: Giant cell glioblastoma (GC) is an uncommon subtype of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

We did not expect to go home ’empty-handed’ with no treatment plan. However like all things in life the best laid plans often come to naught. So we continue to think positively, lean on the love & support of family & friends and begin at the end. A new plan, whatever that may be!

Join us on our Journey of finding Hope!🌟





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