Lean on Me….Walkin On Sunshine

Emma was cleared to go to school at her two-week follow-up appointment last week at St. Jude in Memphis, TN.

She wasn’t feeling quite up to going Monday, so she plans to start this coming Tuesday, September 3rd.

Em will be a Junior in high school this year. Its a big year, full of firsts, fun, & memories that last a lifetime!

I know I remember my Junior year with mixed feelings of joy & regret!
But most 16 year old girls don’t start their Junior year of high school bald and just recovering from brain surgery. I have no doubt this won’t slow Em down too much though! She’s in 4 AP (advanced diploma) classes, thinking about Junior Prom, PSAT’s and studying for her driving test.
Normal teenage concerns.
Hair grows back, but homework remains!

Faithful friends help make this transition not only bearable but show through their love & kindness that Angels do truly walk among us!


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