One Month Flew Bye Bye

Emma is doing well. It still blows me away that she had a second brain surgery only a month ago. Today was the conclusion of her first week back to school. She got 100% on her French presentation which had to be done from memory.
Tonight she’s off to the football game to see her friends and her brother Nick play the trumpet in the marching band.
While I see that she tires a bit more easily than before I know she would disagree. She was happy to go back to school, see her friends and that special guy she’d been missing. Emma has been blessed with a most unusually positive attitude. I kept expecting at some point a normal, age appropriate response to this news of tumor regrowth & another resection surgery…..anger. That response never came.
She’s happy, upbeat, and positive. She has some wonderfully loving and supportive family, friends, teachers, and peers who encourage her. Love never fails, and is the backbone of HOPE!
So we celebrate one month since surgery with a wonderful recovery, fabulous support system, and a new anticancer lifestyle!

Thank you for being part of the journey!




One thought on “One Month Flew Bye Bye

  1. Wanda L. Whitaker

    It really makes us happy to know that Emmalee is blending into school life so easily in spite of circumstances. I believe the Lord Jesus has His hand over Emmalee. Thank you for the update and the photo.

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