Saturday Night Fever

Saturday nights mean what? Dinners out? Movies? Date night?

In our house that means an onslaught of teenagers! Tonight was no different. Swimming, hamburgers, watermelon & pickle pops were the fair of the evening. The ice cream was hardly touched.

Gone are the quiet evenings of two. But no hard feelings! The TV is taken over by video games, the pool is full of kids and so is the kitchen!

When I think about how fast these kids have to grow up and what is expected of them I am so proud to be part of their lives!

Tonight we celebrate Claressa and her departure for Florence, Italy on Thursday for a year of school abroad.
But she’ll still be with us in spirit and the fun and chaos will continue.

Arrivederci Claressa our sweet girl!



One thought on “Saturday Night Fever

  1. Wanda L. Whitaker

    I love seeing this happy group of kids. Thanks so much for posting. Wish we could have been there to join in all the fun and frolic. Bon Voyage Claressa!

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