Cancer, Courage, & Changes

Last week we received news no one likes to hear, ‘regrowth’ in multiple areas. Surgery is not an option for Emma this time. However, we do have the option of both radiation & chemotherapy treatments.

There were a few low days, days when we had no options or answers. It was difficult to wait, wait for answers, options, and expert medical opinions.

It is at these low times our hearts seek HOPE. Hope keeps us strong, smiling, and helps us continue on. Hope comes in many forms; hugs, a home cooked meal, and support from friends and strangers alike.

While we are never guaranteed what is in store next on this Journey, we do know that we are not alone. We cling tenaciously to HOPE, Love & our Faith.

We take the next step in this fight as Emma begins radiation treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the next three weeks. We will miss our family & friends at home. We humbly ask for your continued prays for healing.

Together we stand Strong & Joyfully Courageous.



6 thoughts on “Cancer, Courage, & Changes

  1. Wanda L. Whitaker

    We stand with you in praying for a miracle of healing, and we kneel with you as you pray. I wish we could put our arms around you and hug you and see your beautiful smile. It is so good to know there is a crowd of friends and family around you. I am sure you can feel their love. Squeezes. G & G

  2. i don’t know if this will mean anything to you, but i’m gonna say it because reading this tugs at my heart in a very real way. take heart. you’re not alone. i was diagnosed with cancer when i was just a little guy and did surgery and chemo. the times you’re going through now are not to be belittled in the slightest and i cannot commend you enough for keeping hope. KEEP that hope. your child’s life is so precious, and i promise to pray for her and you guys daily. seriously, though i may technically be a stranger, i UNDERSTAND what you guys are going through, and i AM praying for you and thinking about you from afar.

    1. fictionswings

      Thank you so very much! Every prayer, word of encouragement, & positive support strengthen us in our fight! Its a blessing you are a Survivor! A comrade & fellow fighter!

  3. Shana Hamblin

    Emma has been in our prayers since we saw you last at St. Jude’s. Our love and faith are yours. Three weeks is not too long, but the uncertainty, I know is the longest! Love you all!

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