Pain Pills, Scans, and Prom


So we have a Plan! Today we had an appointment with Emma’s new primary care Neuro-Oncologist Dr. Broniscer. He is a big, friendly, Brazilian man who has a daughter Emma’s age and keenly relates to her as a young patient.


Emma received a pharmacy worth of prescriptions to take today: anti-seizure meds, steroids, something for her stomach (some of the meds are harsh on the stomach), and her pain medications for headaches. Although her headaches haven’t been too severe they continue and this is a concern. Emma’s medical team hope to decrease swelling in her brain and of the tumor and subsequent pain by using the steroids rather than the pain meds. Of course the most noticeable side effects of steroids are increased appetite, irritability, and then weight-gain.

In an effort to maintain a healthy weight we will endeavor to continue to keep salt, fried foods, fats and sugars low. Of course our goal is to eat organic/GMO-free foods and while the St. Jude cafeteria has a wonderful selection it is not always possible to do so.

We are staying at the Memphis Grizzilie’s House this week and hope to then move to a longer stay facility such as the Ronald McDonald House or the Target House. In the longer stay housing we will have the ability to cook our own meals.

Tomorrow Emma will again meet  with her primary Radiologist for a final consult before we start radiation therapy and complete one last set of scans before treatment begins on Wednesday, March 26th.

Radiation will be scheduled for every weekday for a period of about 35-45 minutes per session.

And we will be home for Emma to attend her Junior Prom on April 12th, we must get Cinderella to the Ball! (We may have to return the following week to complete treatment if it has not been completed by April 11th). Dr. Kun, Emma’s radiologist has kindly given us Friday, April 11th off for traveling home. Excellent news for sure!


One thought on “Pain Pills, Scans, and Prom

  1. Wanda L. Whitaker

    I am sure you are happy to have a plan and see the enthusiasm of the medical team. thank you for outlining your day. I so want Emma to have relief from the headaches. Continuing to pray for God’s miracle.

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