Technical Difficulties, April Fools, and Boosters

We were experiencing some difficulties in emailing and uploading photos from my phone earlier in the week and I was not able to make a blog post. My apologies to our faithful supporters.

We had a quiet and peaceful Friday evening relaxing together as a wild thunderstorm came through the Memphis area. We are so safely insulated here in the Memphis Grizzlies House that we didn’t even realize it was raining until the rain was beating against the window.

Saturday we enjoyed lunch and fellowship with some good friends here in Memphis and David played will their daughter who is the also five. Emma was tired and did have a small headache but felt better after some medication, water, and food.

She’s been missing her family and friends. We all are, it’s not easy to be away from our loved ones.

The weather over the last few days has been beautiful and we enjoyed a visit from a good friend and a trip to the Memphis Zoo.

Emma has radiation every weekday, visits with her primary Neuro-Oncologist and Radiologist once a week each and school appointments. She feels best when she is outside in nature so we try to get outside and have plans to go to local parks and the zoo again.

We did have a Super Fun April Fools Day, radiation treatment went well and we had a nice lunch outside in the sunshine. Then there was a fun ride in a truck sized Radio Flyer and delicious supper hosted by a local eatery.

There are low times, low days, and challenges to get through. But with your love and support we know we have what it takes to FIGHT!

For years now Emma has wanted to create a Brain Cancer Awareness T-Shirt for her friends and family to wear during the month of May (and any other time), since May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

So I helped her make that dream a reality. We’re so excited to welcome you to the Team! Please check out our new Team Emma – Grey Matters Booster link. (You can find the Booster link on the right under the Support heading below Blog Roll.)








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