13: Thirteen T-shirts sold in our Team Emma Booster so far!

102: Our one hundred and second blog post.

12: Twelve days of radiation treatment left.

11: Eleven pills a day.

58: Fifty-eight days until Claressa comes home from Italy.

2: Relaxing days spent together.

Hurray and Hugs to our Team Emma supporters!

We’re thrilled that 13 Team Emma T-shirts have sold so far. What wonderful supporters and team Warriors we have! Thank you all! You can find the link under the ‘links’ section to the right or go to: https://www.booster.com/teamemma-greymatters

We were happy to see the weekend come! The end of the week and the end of radiation until Monday. There were crafts to help entertain the kids and we enjoyed some relaxation when the weather got cold and wintery outside.

Since Emma has been taking the steroids she has not had any severe headaches, only a few mild ones that are usually resolved by taking a nap or eating a meal. She is in good spirits and the radiation treatments only last about 20-25 minutes.

How does radiation for Emma work? I am sure many of you wonder about this and that is very normal. I had no idea how the process went until I got the tour either. Emma lies on a rather narrow table that can be raised or lowered. This table has wide bands to hold her in place that go across her shoulders, stomach and knees, they also help to keep her as still as possible. She has a custom made plastic mesh ‘mask’ that covers her face and bolts to the table during radiation. This ensures as little movement as possible. The radiation machine rotates around her head as needed in the pattern predetermined by the radiology team it is a huge arm with a truncated cone at the end. This arm can rotate a full 360 degrees around Emma if necessary for treatment. The room is big, white and blue, light and airy and empty mostly but for the machine and table. The technicians stay in another adjoining room during treatment but monitor the process via video feed. Emma can listen to audio books or her favorite play list as they have an apple doc in the treatment room.

I think she does AMAZINGLY in treatment! Of course I’m a huge fan anyway.

She is experiencing some normal side effects of radiation and gets very tired about an hour after treatment. The fatigue is expected to become a bit more amplified but then even out.

We are taking care to keep her well since she is at risk for a certain kind of pneumonia at this time. She is taking a prescription for that.

We’re also counting down the days until big sister comes home from Italy. We sure have missed her and Emma can’t wait to spend some time with her. We hope she will come back with us for part of the time that Emma is in the Chemotherapy trial this summer.

We send you all our love and thank you for your continued love and support.





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