Remembering to Breathe In….


First we want to say a Heartfelt Thank You to the Fantastic supporters of our Team Emma booster. There are four days left and You have purchased 38 T-shirts! You are our Heros!

Breathe in….breathe out. Have you ever had to remind yourself to breathe? We’ve had a week like that. And we are just now coming up for air.

We raced out of Memphis late last Thursday afternoon heading home for Prom weekend, flew through a fun, fabulous, and emotionally high weekend. Then we raced back to Memphis on Sunday afternoon to be here for radiation treatment on Monday. We got home after midnight last Thursday and fell into our beds with much relief. Friday morning I got to make breakfast for Nick and Raven before they went to school and had a chance to catch up with them and find out how they had been doing. It was great to see my kiddos! And Em got to sleep in a bit. Then Friday was spent getting ready for Prom; picking up flowers and then having a special spa treat to get a manicure and pedicure (thank you special loved ones!). Followed by dinner with dad and then hanging out with friends. Saturday was busy with hair appointments, getting ready at dad’s, pre-prom dinner at a Mexican cantina and then pictures on the Columbus, GA. Riverwalk before Prom. Emma went with Logan Mazanak to their Junior Prom, for Smith Station High School (AL). Everyone had a wonderful time at the Great Gatsby themed event.

Emma had been having some hair loss at the radiation site for a few days before Prom. Sunday morning after Prom it was just too obvious and too much lost to keep the rest without looking funny so her dad came over and buzzed it all off. Good-bye hair…..again. Emma doesn’t really mind and she knew it would come to this. She was just glad her hair hung on for Prom. Her super sweet BFF Lexi buzzed her head again as well. Shout out to Lexi – Love you!

So we got back to Memphis late Sunday night and got into a room at a local hotel, the Grizzlie House was all booked. Just as we went to bed a huge storm came in with wild wind, driving rain, thunder and lightning. We started back with treatments on Monday and also moved into the Ronald McDonald House across the street from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We have a nice room, laundry facility, common kitchen and dining room to share with other families. We went to get groceries that we keep in our own space in a huge shared refrigerator downstairs.

Now we have a minute to breathe, we hope to go to the zoo tomorrow morning with some friends and enjoy the warming weather. It has been stressful, crazy, and up and down but we are never alone with you there for us. And we can see the End-of-Treatment coming soon. April 22 will be Emma’s last radiation day then we’ll have a few more days and can go home for a bit before heading back for four weeks of chemotherapy. Love and Hugs







One thought on “Remembering to Breathe In….

  1. Wanda L. Whitaker

    Emmalee was the Princess, so elegant and lovely. And Catherine, you rock! Making it all happen and come together, amazing! We continue to pray and to have faith for healing for you Emmalee. Much love, G&G

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