Staying Positive is a Work of Heart


As a mother, life-coach, and the motivational director of my family I try to stay positive. However, we all know that there are times and situations that suck all the POSITIVE out of our sails and leave us gasping like fish on the sand for hope.

At times like these I tend to just get quiet, to go inside myself and try to find my center. During these times I hold close to my family and loved ones. So please forgive my absence and understand the last months have not been easy or pretty. And it is hard for me to share ‘hard and ugly’ with you.

Emma has had a hard time recuperating from radiation. She has had to be extremely careful not to become overheated or overexposed to sunlight. This alone has been difficult as we came home to the beginning of summer which is both bright and hot. So she has spent much of her time indoors during the daylight hours.

She has been able to take walks in the evenings when the heat recedes and the sun has gone down. She has experienced joint weakness and pain from the steroids which make daily activities difficult and challenging. The steroids have also caused her to be grumpy and irritable which is not her normal sweet nature. We understand this is the steroids and not our girl. And the most distressing side effect from the steroids, weight-gain and water retention is most upsetting for her.  

But we have definitely enjoyed being home. Claressa, came home from a year abroad in Italy and we’ve had some wonderful times spent having cookouts, movie nights, and just hanging out reconnecting with family and friends.

As our time home comes to an end and we begin packing to return to Memphis and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for four weeks of chemotherapy trial we are reminded of just how blessed we are.

We have not completed all of the things we had on our ‘To Do’ Lists however we go again and look forward to coming home at the end of July and going on a family vacation to the north Georgia Mountains together and reconnecting again after another absence.

It isn’t easy to be gone away from home for so long, to have to eat in a cafeteria, to sleep in a strange bed, to be without the creature comforts of home. But we know we can do it, we know because we’ve done it before and because we have drawn on your love and support to help us make it through the hard parts.

Thank you for your continued support! Your prayers, your love, all the positive energy, and words of encouragement – they all help buoy us up when we are low.

With hearts Hopeful we again set out on this Journey, to Fight the fight with Courage, Strength, and Dignity.

Thank you for being part of our Journey,

Catherine, Emma, and Family




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