The Last, Best Day…..

There are some beliefs that say nothing happens by chance. That there is reason or design in everything that happens.

It happened that Emma got up the morning of April 15th, 2014 and dressed in her new Old Navy outfit. We had been shopping & to dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant the evening before. We were in Memphis, TN., at St. Jude for radiation therapy treatment.
We had an appointment early the next morning and then some down time.
The next morning we saw a posted announcement about a screening of Rio 2 for patients and their families. And a BIG surprise!
We had enough time to go to the screening and still make our afternoon appointment. So we grabbed a quick lunch and headed up to the auditorium. We got lost along the way but finally found it. I guess we should have known something was up when we had to sign a release form before going in.
There were tropical decorations, soft lighting and tables of treats & snacks. Everyone was lined up so we took our place in line & waited……
We got to meet the most beautiful & sweet person that day.
Annie, as she called herself was friendly and charming. It was such a great treat to meet her! She & Emma chatted a few minutes and had their picture taken together. After she visited with each patent she introduced the film and we saw the movie!
It was Emma’s ‘Last Best Day’!
That evening she went & hung out with a new friend and finally went to bed tired but happy. Who would have guessed she would get to meet a movie star?! And have her picture taken with her?!
The next morning Emma’s hair started falling out from the radiation therapy.
Anne Hathaway is not just a pretty face or talented artist, she’s a tiny body with a huge heart.
I recently watched Interstellar & One Song. I’m impressed by her acting ability and scope.
(While I would love to share Emma’s photos with Annie, I cannot. They were given to us for personal use only. But you all know her face, it shines with an inner beauty that comes from a big heart!)
I hope you’ll remember when you see her in a film, that she’s not just a movie star. And that she was the light & joy of HOPE one special day!
The last best day…..

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