Here We Are…..There You Are.

Here it is Monday and I find that I haven’t blogged all weekend and no excuses to make for not getting to it! We had a wonderfully low-key weekend! We went to church saturday morning at the Memphis First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cordova. It was very nice and we met some very friendly people, who we hope to get to know better! It rained and after lunch we came “home” to relax and nap. Emma went to her friend Pilar’s apartment in the evening to hangout and the girls decided they wanted to have a sleep-over so Emma stayed with Pilar & her mother. Pilar has Lukemia and is on a low-bacteria diet, so we can’t share food with her. The girls had a good time and Emma took her meds on her own and did very well.
David and I played on the mat with toys and a balloon that he really enjoys feeling and pulling around. It was fun and relaxing to just play babies! Then sunday morning he and I did the same thing until Emma came back around eleven o’clock. We spent the day playing and napping and just hanging out in the apartment. No laundry, no dishes, no computer. We really needed that kind of day! It was rejuvenating for me and David both. He and I don’t get enough sleep. Emma is doing pretty well though, getting enough sleep.
Today we had radiation at 8am, which is kind of early for us so Emma decided to wear her Pajama’s today, they were so cute! Thank you Stefanie Greene and friends from the Concrete Co.!!
After radiation she had an appointment with the Child-Life Counselor and did a guided relaxation session. This helps to manage pain, learn to relax in stressful situations like the confinement of radiation and to lower the anxiety of treatment.
She is experiencing some skin irritation from the radiation and some stomach complaints that we’re not sure are from the rad or the chemo. One day at a time!
This evening the Target House held a Birthday Party for everyone to celebrate all the February birthdays. There were fresh veggies, fruit and pizza. Because what is a birthday party without pizza! Then there were crafts after in the craft room. Lots of fun things to keep us feeling “normal”.
Now we’re in pj’s and baby David is asleep in his pack’n’play and we’re ready to turn in too!
We pray every night for our family near and far! So if you’re in anyway related you’re on our list! And all our dear friends! Old and New! We love you all and think of you often!
-momma catherine

Post Script:
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